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(Nurseries, Schools, Academies, Free schools, Independent schools and Colleges)

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Tell us about a teacher’s employment status

View teachers at your school

View lists of teachers no longer allowed to teach

Appropriate Body

(Organisations responsible for the quality assurance process for early career teacher induction)

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Claim teachers’ linked to your appropriate body

Provide updates on teachers’ induction

Employer Access - Organisations

(Teacher supply agencies, local authorities and training providers)

View teacher records

View lists of teachers no longer allowed to teach

Teachers in England

(Newly qualified and fully qualified teachers)

Access your teaching qualifications to download your teaching certificates.

ITT Providers

(Higher education institute initial teacher training providers)

Withdraw, defer, reinstate or recommend trainees for QTS or EYTS using the Register trainee teachers service.

Looking For Your Next Teaching Job?

(Newly Qualified and Fully Qualified Teachers)

Visit the official site that schools use to list Teaching Vacancies.

Want To Get Into Teaching?

Find out about the different training routes and what a career in teaching has to offer.