Qualified teachers who trained outside of England can get QTS by having their qualifications assessed by the Teaching Regulation Agency. This includes teachers who trained in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the European Union (EU), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Gibraltar, New Zealand and the United States of America (USA).

There are four different application forms. You must complete the appropriate form. The forms are:

  • Scotland - For teachers trained in Scotland or with Full Registration with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.
  • Northern Ireland - For teachers trained in Northern Ireland or registered with the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland.
  • Overseas Trained Teachers - For teachers trained in Australia, Canada, Gibraltar, New Zealand or the United States of America (USA).
  • EEA (EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) or Switzerland - For teachers trained in one of these states.

When you apply for QTS using a form in the drop-down menu below (Route) you will be asked to submit evidence that you:

  • are recognised as a teacher in the country where you qualified
  • are not prohibited or restricted from teaching by a professional sanction against you.

Evidence you submit can include, documents which show your official status as a teacher from the organisation that regulates teachers in your country.

When you apply for QTS, we’ll review the evidence you’ve given, and get in touch if we need anything further from you.

If you are not a qualified teacher in any of these countries and wish to gain QTS you can find out more on the Department for Education's Get into teaching site.

Any Problems

Please be aware that any inactivity for a period of 20 minutes when completing your application will result in a timeout and a requirement to re-start your application.

If you experience any difficulties during the application process you can email our help team at QTS.enquiries@education.gov.uk

Before you apply

Before you begin your application you will need all of the evidence and documents relevant to your individual country of recognition to support your QTS application. See the following country specific evidence required for more information.

Get started

Please select the application form you wish to complete from the drop-down box below.